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PAX S80: Get Paid Quicker with Streamlined Transactions

Take your business to the next level with a better way to accept payments. Improve your efficiency and invest in one of the best payment terminals on the market.

•  EMV and NFC contactless acceptance
•  An ergonomic keypad offers ease of use for merchants and consumers alike
•  Intuitive, easy-to-read ATM-style interface
•  Built-in PIN Pad
•  128 x 64 pixel white backlit LCD display
•  Built-in high-speed thermal printer improves transaction speed
•  Frequent use is no problem for this durable, reliable device
•  Perfect for use in retail, hospitality, food service, and convenience stores
•  Keep your business moving with instant broadband connectivity for speedy transactions
•  Magnetic card reader with bi-directional swipe

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